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About Our Founder


Our founder, Zita Chan, is an experienced entrepreneur. In 2015, she started running her first business and founded a strategic recruitment service company in the technology sector. As a strategic recruiter, Zita provided manpower as a solution to solve the inherent needs of her clients and helped them achieve their business goals. Human touch inspired her philosophy of understanding personal needs and corporate objectives.


Teaming up with experts in car electronics, Zita founded HD Car Camera Ltd, a one-stop service store in selling and installing navigation systems and parking cameras. Not only through attractive prices and specialization that they won their customers. HD Car Camera goes beyond professionalism and focuses on exceptional customer services. She owes her success to one strategy: She defines a successful business as the satisfaction of a customer.


To stay ahead in the highly competitive market, companies are investing in strategic sourcing to reduce cost and achieve a faster time to introduce their products to the market. In 2020 Zita started workshop six with a team of procurement specialists to identify quality merchandise and reliable suppliers.

Workshop 6 provides more than goods. We help a business to scale up as a sourcing partnership.

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