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10 Most Asked Questions About Android Head Unit

Q: How does the head unit work?

A: It runs on Android 10.0 System and works like an Android tablet.

Q: How to connect a mobile phone to the device?

A: You can connect your phone through Bluetooth, Apple Carplay/ Android or Phone Mirroring.

Q: How to connect the head unit to the internet?

A: Wifi and 4G connections are available.

Q: Can I use navigation apps?

A: Yes. You can download apps from GooglePlay.

Q: Does it support wireless CarPlay and Android Auto?

A: CarPlay - Yes, it is supported for iOS 12 or above.

Android Auto – No.

Q: What is the screen resolution? Does it support Video Playback?

A: BMW - 1280x480p,1920px720p

BENZ - 1920px720p

The 1920x720p models support 4K video playback.

Q: Is the sound quality good?

A: Yes, there is built-in DSP function.

Q: Can I switch to iDrive system/ COMAND system after installing the Android System?

A: Yes, press “Back” for 3 seconds to switch between systems

Q: Does it support the built-in original functions and controls of the vehicle?

A: Yes

Q: How to control in Android system?

A: Use the touch screen function, and the original wheel control and steering wheel buttons.


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